Out in The World and Off To Spain with Las Morenas de España

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A few months while in Barcelona I caught wind of a fantastic Instagram account @LasMorenasdeEspaña. Black women traveling and living throughout the beautiful cities of Spain, all sharing exquisite photos of their individual yet collective experience. It took will power to still myself from "liking" every photo on the page.

And soon after I returned back to the States I received an e-mail from the founder and wanderluster behind LMDES: Sienna Brown. Energetic, excitable, passionate, and full of love for Spanish culture and travel in general, I knew I instantly had a kinship with this woman. We exchanged a few e-mails, one of which Sienna shared a new initiative she was soon to launch via the site: an exclusive set of three curated travel packages for those who would be traveling to Spain whether for the first time or just wanting insider tips.


Depending on the package you purchase (they range from $25 - $150), you'll be treated to a different set of perks that range from exclusive discounts with partners, best flight, restaurant, and hotel recommendations, as well as a curated itinerary and tips for where to experience some unique events of the beaten path, all from an experienced expat. Check them out by clicking on any of the photos above.

While experiencing a new country for the first time on your own terms can be wonderful and freeing, it's quite nice to have a little girlfriend in your back pocket or on your phone helping to make sure the experience is one to remember :)


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