Casa Luxe: At Home with Naja Munthe

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sometimes a girl falls in love with a space so much she might initially swoon and sigh. And then she'll share said space with her sister-in-law to help join with her in said swooning. And then she might bookmark photos of that home, close her laptop, and then open it again immediately to commence with said swoonage until her laptop battery dies.
This sequence is a pretty accurate way to describe how much I fell in love with the home of fashion designer Naja Munthe of the Scandinavian clothing line Munthe plus Simonsen. Clean lines, black and white with hints of gold. Beautiful wood floors and white lacquered cabinets. Open and spacious for miles. And the lovely photos taken by Morten Koldby make it even more beautiful. The only thing I'd add is more plants. Always more plants :) 
Thanks to the home blog My Scandinavian Home for the introduction to Naja's home!


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