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Thursday, September 19, 2013

In between upholstery projects for clients I'm sneaking in some redecorating around my own home. Trying to add little touches here and there to personalize the space and give it a certain panache. As much as I love bright colors and mixed prints in the chairs I upholster, when it comes to styling my own space (or even my wardrobe) I'm finding that I'm reverting back to what I loved growing up: Blacks, whites, creams and taupe with hints of gold here and there. My mother used to come in my closet every week and say "Child, you need some lavender or periwinkle in here. What about your pinks or yellows?" That woman loves herself some yellow. Bless her heart.
And later when I was living in the city, as much as I pushed myself to purchase bright colored furniture for the sake of it being colorful, I found that many of those same items I later sold or gave away to friends with each move. Clothes and furniture alike. Perhaps my not-so-subtle way of trying to get back to the basics and maintain things that were simple and reflected the authentic me. But understanding that I can happily resign myself to the fact I enjoy a more basic, minimal aesthetic in my home and fashion sense, while letting my alter ego be more expressive with regards to upholstery projects has been liberating.
So instead of pops of color today, I wanted to show a few luxury white chairs and benches that I've been swooning over. I'm on the hunt for a bench that I can upholster and tuft in cream and gold buttons for the living room. The Eames chairs with the wooden backs are "wishlist for my future home" items. Because a girl can always dream, right?
Classic Eames chair
Bottom three images are from Jan Showers


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