Catching Up + The Wallace Collective

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hey there stranger :) Long time since the last post and again I'm so sorry! Almost a month...sheesh.

Two days ago I moved myself and the Third + Grace studio to Baltimore! I found a cute apartment in a quiet neighborhood that would let me tackle more upholstery jobs in a more conducive environment and still be close enough to visit friends and clients in Virginia and DC. Though still very much buried under boxes (how does one person amass so much stuff!!), I'm cooking up some cool design plans for the apartment that I'm excited to share with you.
But in the meantime while I try and catch up here, I wanted to share some music that I recently came across. That's one area--discovering new music--where I've fallen off big time. I used to write about up and coming bands a few years ago and now I feel like I keep the same four albums on repeat for months (which I'm cool with :). But this morning while browsing the Instagram feed of the lovely Teika of the personal blog Selective Potential I discovered the band The Wallace Collective and absolutely love their sound. They're based out of Grand Rapids, MI, and their self titled album makes me seriously want to take a cross country trip back to my beloved Midwest.


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