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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two quick behind-the-scenes photos from the Third + Grace photoshoot this past weekend. We photographed at the lovely space of the Ulysses Room in NW DC. I'm still pinching myself that this idea has gone from a seed into something that is growing and taking root. It's awesome and I'm so grateful for the ride so far :) And to this lady below, my good friend and all around amazing stylist, fahionista and Art Director Dian Holton! She's amazing at what she does and is so multi-talented. I'm just trying to make sure I get her autograph now before she takes over the world :)

And thank you to everyone for your encouragement and coming back to this blog for updates. I'd love to see you join us on Facebook and Instagram for all the Third + Grace goodies I'll be posting! Some great events are in the works that I'm stoked to share here soon. We're just getting started! The blog will be getting a teeny tiny facelift in the coming months as developments are made, but it'll all be for you!


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