Kyle Thompson

Monday, April 1, 2013

The internet is a funny little rabbit hole. The widest and deepest space of information one can fall in to virtually (or be pulled into). Doing a search on one separate item lead me to the work of conceptual photographer Kyle Thompson from Chicago. I was trying to figure out how to explain the sensation I had upon first viewing his work without it sounding like the body of images made me sad. Quite the contrary. I felt uplifted. Perhaps it's the reoccurring theme of water that was reminiscent of a baptism, and the image of someone being lifted upward that made me see this as more revelatory than some other works I've seen recently. Either way I'm smitten and wouldn't be mad if one of these prints found its way into my home. Say, right above the living room sofa in a 16x24" ? ;)

AND! That's not all. Kyle is expanding his project to now launch a book of his conceptual style of imagery, and thanks to pledges made through the crowdfunding site KickStarter, Kyle reached his goal and his headed out on the road to see more locations! You can check out the video where he explains the project here. It's going to be incredible, and I can't wait to see what he produces.


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