Why Can't I Keep You?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Call me a year late and $2 short, but I just came across the sister+brother duo Wild Belle from Chicago, but who are now living life all over the globe thanks to their musical chops and soon-to-be released album Isles. My summer crush is in full effect, albeit a little early.

 Photo shot for Interview Magazine by Steven Pan

Everything. I mean everything about this dang video is hot. I love that Melina Matsoukas directed it and put her signature touch and haze over it. And the "little man" Jibari with so much swagger in the video should have his own fan club. Too cute. Now to find out which stylist worked on the video...

Wild Belle's music comes at a perfect time as festival season is about to explode. Crop tops and aztec- printed shirts and dresses will be in full effect at at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and countless others.  Someday (crosses fingers, toes, and closes eyes really tight) I'll be living a weekend under the desert moon in Coachella or the open field at SXSW. But for now, I shall rock the mess out of Wild Belle via every other means I have available. One thing I really love about their sound is how across the board it feels. Reggae, Rocksteady, soul, disco, hip hop, you name it the beat will appear in one of their tracks by album's end. And that seems to be how the band likes it. It makes sense: if your musical influence spans multiple genres your album shouldn't be confined to only reflecting one of them, right? I think they're closer to doing what other bands strive to do, which is be defined as "undefinable".


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