To Another Great Year!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Today is/was (it's 11pm EST) my birthday! I spent the day at church, working on some projects around the house, and hosting a small dinner with a couple of friends. Not to mention taking in Season 3 of Game of Thrones! (Are you watching?? I'm obsessed! Let's talk:) 

The past year was wonderful and filled with so many great experiences, new friends, revelations, (some frustrations and natural growing pains), and achievements. But in a word it was fruitful. I discovered a new passion and am in full pursuit of it (Will announce it in April on the blog!). The creative collaborations have been popping up like daisies, and I'm ecstatic about all of them. In this moment I feel humble and grateful. For everything. This is perhaps the first year where I actually felt the transition of a new age. It's been settling over me like a new skin for a few days and I feel...renewed. Falling on the same day as Easter Sunday and coinciding with the introduction of Spring has made it feel all the more special. I hope your weekend was also lovely. Here's to the week ahead!


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