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Monday, March 4, 2013

So this weekend, thanks to a recommendation my friend Angie and her husband, I drove out to a place called Ryan's Relics to get my fill of mid century and vintage chairs. I saw the inventory online and knew they had a pretty good stash, but when I entered the store my eyes grew a thousand times larger than I had planned and I sort of kind of lost my mind.  I'm just sayin'. I walked out of that place (and its sister store down the street) in complete bliss, happily planning all the ways I could reupholster and color the chairs I was able to find.  Below is a quick Before and After of a couple of them.

I loved this little bench/footstool, and just as quickly as I saw it I envisioned what color palette I had in mind for it. It's no secret that I love me some yellow, and this Marigold was the very one I've been enamored with ever since the fifth grade when I proudly told my mother that when I grow up, whatever car I get I'm going to paint it Sun burnt yellow. (Fast forward: the closest I ever got to that dream was the New York City metro card I sported for a few years).

Geometric patterns are some of my favorite patterns to play with, and I instantly knew I wanted to mix navy and yellow. They're just so cheery together :) If you're interested in this chair, I'm putting it up for sale over on Apartment Therapy Classifieds!

The second chair I finished this weekend is a classic armless one, also purchased from Ryan's Relics. I know some people are completely against painting wood, and I understand your reasoning if that is your preference. But the beauty in being creative is the ability to take some liberties and paint, white wash, sand down, etc, to achieve the vision in your mind's eye. Certain pieces call you to paint them, and others say, "I'm cool the way I am." This was one piece that I thought to keep as is, and just add a cushion that would give a little extra personality, but not completely detract from the one she already has. This chair is also up for sale over on Apartment Therapy Classifieds. 

In the coming weeks I'm going to add a little "Chairs" page on the blog so all of you can see the inventory. And if you're interested in purchasing any of them, feel free to shoot me an e-mail! Delivery options are available :)


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