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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just the other day I was saying I need to get a better selection of bed sheets for the house. We wash them every week, but something about the selection (ok, colors we have feels a bit limited. 

So I was super excited when recently I was introduced to the beautiful collection of foutas, throws, soft linen pillows and bedsheets of Nine Space, and became absolutely smitten. Nine Space is a great site that serves all your bed and bath needs. And they have a beautiful selection of striped foutas. Now you know anything striped I love instantly. And Nine Space offers foutas that not only come in an array of colors and varying stripes (see for yourself!), but the reverse side of these foutas also repels sand for those endless days of beach hopping I have planned this summer :) And I love that they are so diverse in their utility. On day it's a beach towel, the next it's an apron, the next it's a tablecloth or a picnic blanket.

Their entire Winter Lookbook features just about everything I love: stripes, linen, and warm aesthetics. Nine Space has the kind of fabrics you would find in a quaint cottage or a rustic home in the winter. Someplace idyllic where everything from food to skin is nurtured and cared. their cotton pleated sheets with gold trim to the bamboo towels, made of 100% bamboo viscose. If you love silk or cashmere (and honestly who doesn't?) you'll want a few of these beauties lying around your bathroom :)


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