New Fresh: Laura Mvula

Monday, February 25, 2013

You know those moments when you feel like you've found something so good that you just want to be selfish with it and keep all the good stuff to yourself? Yeah, this is not one of the moments :) In deed I found a gem of an artist, but I HAD to share her! All weekend I was trying to think of how best to compose a post about British singer Laura Mvula, and words really failed me. When I clicked on an article about her rise as a receptionist to a Brit Award nominee almost overnight, I didn't expect to go down a rabbit hole searching for every tune she'd every penned in her short but extremely brilliant career. The song "Green Garden" from her forthcoming album Sing to the Moon (Mar 4th release) is filled with so much light and love and joy. I couldn't tweet about her fast enough! The video does a beautiful job of telling her story of growing up near more concrete and old buildings until finally making her way to lush greenery (her dream realized, perhaps?) and in a lovely, celebratory way. One journalist called Laura's style "Gospeldelic" which I love. I love that today an artist with such a connection to her spirit and her inner peace relays that in such a gentle but powerful way. You feel it without question in her lyrics or melodies, the way her tone undulates with ease. And we can't overlook her stunning features, my goodness!

I also really love the song "She".


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