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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello lovelies :) Last week in my excitement I neglected to post a really fun story I had the pleasure of shooting for Rue Magazine! When I initially read my e-mail from them a few weeks back asking about photographing a potential recipe, I nearly fell out of my chair. But before I did that, I ran squealing with excitment to my colleague and friend's office (and pretty much anyone who would listen)! The recipe is a pineapple cupcakes with homemade blackberry jam. Pineapple upside cake is one of my absolute favorite desserts, and I wanted to do something that would let me take it on the go and not feel so guilty about eating a whole slice (or four) in one sitting on my couch :) Come on. Who among us has not done that?

And I can't tell you much gushing I've done over Rue in the past year. My good friend Erin and I are such fans of the publication that we e-mail each other as soon as the latest issues are online, and then sift slowly through each one. (It's kind of our thing in addition to thrift shopping, trying every restaurant in the city, and vintage anything). She's my roadie.

A big big thank you to Rue for having me! It's nothing but surreal to work with them and I hope you all check out the feature online here!

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