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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to the New Year! Hope you rang it in with style and loved ones. I celebrated with a black and silver-themed party my family back home in MN and already miss them so much!

The first post of the new year is one that I've been excited to write for a while because it's about chair reupholstery! What, you say, is so exciting about upholstering some chairs? haha Everything! And there's a whole world out there of amazing upholstery businesses run by women with incredible flare and panache for the skill. I've been drooling over their finished products and the efforts behind them because they're motivating me to finish the chairs I've started at home. (My collection is becoming a little crazy, and any minute that little office holding them all is going to revolt, I just know it.) But I wanted to kick the year off by showcasing some great design to stoke the imagination for 2013. Enjoy!

   All chairs by Wild Chairy

First up is Wild Chairy. Um...let's talk about girl crushes for a minute, can we? Some folks have a crush on Rihanna (my sister), some over Kim Kardashian, some over Alexa Chung. And they're all great, fly, fabulous. But for me, it's Andrea Mihalik of Wild Chairy all the way. How clever is her business name? Love it. And with an incredible inventory of chairs, Andrea's imagination and ingenuity is beyond inspiring. She mixes playfulness, whimsy and elegance so perfectly. Everything looks effortless, yet I'm sure she labored over each chair from spring to fabric. And speaking of her fabric, Andrea uses natural fabrics, organic cotton batting and horse hair to create each hand-made chair. More so than owning one of these chairs, I want to be the fly in the room while Andrea makes them!


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