Apartment Therapy: Sai Sankoh

Thursday, January 3, 2013


All photos by Nicole Crowder

My latest AT house tour is now up, and I've been anxious to present this one! It's unlike any other house tour I've done so far, and was memorable for so many reasons. I was able to take my good friend Nneka along on this tour with me, and she couldn't have been better company. See, you have to understand this: Nneka is a shoe gal to the max. She loves shoes probably more than I love bread pudding...and ya'll now I love me some bread pudding. When we entered Sai Sankoh's home, the very first thing we saw in the foyer were a pair of thigh high black heels (Oh Lord, you see how I don't even know the name??). Nneka's heart did a little pitter patter when we entered Sai's bedroom turned closet.

Sai welcomed us with a fruit tart, so you know she already had me had "sweet tooth" :) On top of being such a gracious host, Sai keeps an incredibly glamorous home that she decorated in only one month! I know, I know. How is that even humanly possible you ask. I'm still wondering, but after getting to know Sai, she has serious drive and connections. That fabulous closet was custom built with the help of her family and her former boyfriend is very skilled at interior design, so it helps to have people in high places :)

This whole house tour was like a mini editorial spread. Sai brought her friend and fellow fashion maven Jean Claude who Nneka and I just fell in love with along to help her with the shoot. Jean Claude was on hand to help primp and make sure not a hair was out of place. Sai even switched into a beautiful dress by Marchesa for the occasion.

And after the shoot wrapped we all sat around table eating fruit tart and happily gabbing about fashion and our favorite blogs. (Besides Sai's own, Because I am Fabulous, we realized we all have serious crushes on Karla of Karla's Closet)

See the rest of the tour here!


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