Apartment Therapy House Tour: Linda of NomNomBlingBling

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Earlier this month I did another house tour with Linda of the blog NomNomBlingBling. She was so sweet and I loved her home and her dog Mandu. She has an amazing fashion sense so I just new her home had to be equally styling. One weekend I ventured out to her condo in Virginia and snapped some pics. Here they are! The full house tour over at AT.

The main question I get about doing about Apartment Therapy tours is how do you know the person has a great home? The simple answer: I don't! :)

Everyone I've inquired with or e-mailed who has said yes just happened to have a beautiful home. I've only done one preliminary viewing of a home several days before the shoot, but other than that it's just me showing up and being surprised. Thankfully, it's all been pleasant surprises so far! I do a little research on potential candidates before e-mailing them of course, and most often they have a site or a blog of something to give you a peek into their style. My theory: people with great personal style often have a home that compliments that. And I often go with whether the person responds to my e-mail with an emphatic yes, it's a safe bet they feel their home is something they're proud of and want to spotlight. The other part is getting recommendations via word of mouth. David recommended a fellow military band mate, and after a few e-mail exchanges and setting up a date, we went out to photograph the home and it was stunning! I wouldn't have found out about it on my own, but Dave's recommendation came right on time. And some folks have politely declined or delayed their tour and that's OK, too! What's great about AT is that there is no pressure on anyone's side. It's just a warm, friendly community of interior design lovers. Love that I get to do what I love doing and having the opportunity to share it with you all :)

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