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Thursday, November 29, 2012

 Foil print and type by Anthony Burrill

Ugh. People need this reminder in general, but today feels like one of those days in particular. 

I feel like this week alone I've come across (both directly and indirectly) an abnormal amount of rudeness, shortness, disregard, entitlement, and just plain don't-give-a-damn from individuals. Just work hard and be nice to people. Even if you feel like being a complete jack, keep your head down and smile with your eyes. Do you know how to roll your eyes without rolling your eyes while someone is talking to you? It's great. People should learn to harness this special power more often. It'll make dealing with others you don't necessarily want to a lot easier and less painful. Or get a job working in customer service for a few months. Learn how to cultivate patience with others. Before you pick up the phone or reply to that e-mail, make yourself smile. It may seem like you're being fake (and you are). But trust me you'll feel worse later that you snapped at sweet little Margie who was only trying to get your help with something and just happened to ask you at the wrong time. Or that you sent a snarky e-mail reply to James in Accounting (who you've only ever spoken to over email) until you had to walk to his office and get help processing an invoice. Or that you intentionally brushed by that woman who was walking just a little too slow for your taste, and intentionally didn't hold the door open for her when you got to the Starbucks. Was that tall Salted Caramel Mocha really worth all that? I like them too, but really? Just be nice. It manifests throughout everything in your life in some way. Want your own career? Be nice to people because you're going to eventually need help making it happen. See a person struggling with their luggage up an out-of-order escalator? Be nice and help them out if you're able. Be nice even if no one sees it, just do it. And then someone will pay it forward because you did. Ok?

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  1. As a person who works customer service over the phone I appreciate this post so much. A negative moment for one person could really ruin another person's day, and sometimes that is a hard concept to keep in mind. Thank you for the reminder!


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