Great Heights

Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo by We Are The Rhoads

You know those blissful moments when everything feels like it's falling into place as it should? And you know when you're where you should be at that very moment? Like the entire universe conspired to put you right where you are? The air is somehow lighter (despite the 40 degree temperature), and you're less bothered than you were even five hours ago because everything that needs to happen for you will...and you can let go a little more?

I feel like I'm sitting in that very moment, and it's propelling me to want to shout and dance and write and create all at one time. This photo is encapsulates how my spirit feels right now. Lots has transpired the past month. Fatigue, frustration, fear, elation, breakthroughs, revelations, love, opportunities, serenity, joy. And now I'm living in gratefulness, and suddenly finding this post hard to compose. Grateful that somehow, through some incredible fortune and favor I'm able to look back on the list of things I wanted to achieve this year and see many of those things come to fruition. An idea about a future business that's been sitting on the right side of my brain for over a year is making its way to the left and I'm realizing that it's more possible than ever to have with lots of work, research and heart. For a split second the fear of not knowing enough is not present, and I can jump into what needs to be done. And through a serendipitous check of Craigslist I was able to find and purchase the camera of my dreams at $500 below listed price from a complete stranger who is now a friend. And just last night, thanks to a recommendation by my good friend and colleague who is on the board for the design organization AIGA I had the opportunity to speak for the first time on a public platform about work that inspires and informs my own. That, I gotta tell you, was a thrill. Being in a room with wall-to-wall creative energy was a blessing.

So with all the new openings and breaths of fresh air I'm invigorated to dive into creative pursuits head first that I trust will yield life-changing results. If you have any recommendations for books on starting a small business I'd love to hear your thoughts! And here is hoping you're pursuing your dreams with every ounce of your being and that the universe will conspire in your favor as well :)



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