Emerson Fry Fall 2012: A Lust

Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh, the things that I could rock from Emerson Fry's Fall 2012 collection. This collection has been out for a few months, but I had to share because it's no secret I love nearly everything Emerson produces. She designs immaculate clothing for the woman on the go that's cool, chic, and practical clothes. Each piece is an instant classic, a staple that can stay in your closet for years. And there is sort of an adrogyny  to some of the pieces, especially the coats. I think I man could easily rock some of her coats and blazers, so perhaps a men's line is in order the future? Hmm....

Her clothes reflect her life and style: that she's a woman on the go who is not about the fuss. Clean lines, solid color palette, and always well-tailored pieces. And you can snag some of that well-tailored beauty in Emerson's Ef'fing Outlet section. 30-80% various items. 


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