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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Something about having those last two days of the week off from work (and Dave being out of town haha) really energized me and made me so productive. I feel like I've accomplished more in two days regarding errands, taking care of business plans, and getting our home in order than I have all month. The holiday decorating shopping is done in record time, and we now have a tree :) Christmas is the only holiday where I go all out. It's my favorite! And I finally made a trip to a vintage store in our neighborhood that everyone and their mom had been recommending called Mr. Bentley's Vintage Furniture. OMG! It was a gold mine. It's this tiny little store that's crammed with all kinds of great vintage clothing, furniture, decor, art, shoes, bottles, etc,. And the prices are so affordable I almost hesitate to tell you about it lol. Mr. Bentley himself tends to the store and is the sweetest man with cool stories about each of his pieces. I told him we were going to be besties. Oh yes ;) And speaking of vintage, one of the other things I was able to do was score an amazing set of theater seats from Craigslist. I have no clue where I'm going to fit them in our home (don't tell Dave), but we gon' make it work, honey!

Anyhoo, here's my outfit for today. In my efforts to save and acquire more funds, I went through my fall/winter wardrobe in hopes of reviving some pieces with fresh eyes. The twenty minutes I leave myself in the morning during the work week to pick out a cohesive outfit is wearing on me (30 degrees at 7am is not cute), so going forward I'm going to try and switch it up rather than rely on my favorite pair of jeans, sweater and hope I left a pair of extra heels at work. 

Have a wonderful weekend. It's Small Business Saturday, but every day is a great time to support small and local folks putting in work. Enjoy!


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  1. Looking good as usual. Love that yellow sweater!


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