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Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Hello and happy Friday! Tonight I fly back to Minnesota for a little respite from the city. You know the only thing better than anticipating Saturday morning at your mom's kitchen table? It being Saturday morning already :) I can't wait to gab with my mom while watching her prepare breakfast. I offer to help and she sweetly declines. I insist and she gives me the "child, sit down" look over the rim of her glasses. It's our routine.

The past few weeks have been tiresome in a lot of ways, but the wonderful thing is I'm able to operate in peace even in the middle of it. It's awesome because something in my spirit keeps whispering Joy like you've never known is on the way. Keep holding on to me. And with that peace I dropped the plans I had made for the weekend and booked a last minute flight to be the only place I know without a doubt I can escape to keep that feeling: home!

Alice Walker indirectly taught me the extreme importance of place and environment to our joy and to our fruitfulness. In the late 70s early 80s, her spirit called her to pick up her life in Georgia and move to the hills of Northern California to write The Color Purple. Her characters spoke to her each step of the way, prompting her to move so that they could grow and become fully realized. If you haven't had a chance to read In Search of Our Mother's Garden, check out your library, bookstore, Amazon, etc. You'll find the essay about this in the book.

So, bon voyage for a little while. And here is sincerely hoping you have that place you can call home, too. And if you are looking for some peace, Joyce Meyer has an extremely timely sermon about that very thing that just aired this morning :)


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