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Monday, October 8, 2012

Todd Selby seems to always have something cooking. And with his latest book Edible Selby he's going behind the counter to capture what other foragers, cooks, and restauranteurs are doing. I always enjoy the behind-the-scenes take on things. And with Todd Selby's new book, he fulfills that in a colorful and fresh new way. Putting his illustrative spin on our fascination with the culinary creators behind the scenes who have already gripped us all. 

 The documentation of food--from field to plate--and its creators and consumers has not before enjoyed the spotlight the way it has today. And I can't think of a better time to be alive to enjoy it :) Food is always relevant. When the magazine industry was in a tailspin a few years ago, and budgets were being spread thin across multiple genres, food publications were the main ones that stayed in demand. Photography agencies that specialized in food photographers and stylist sprouted because of that need. Everyone enjoys food. It's something that can be practical or aspirational, yet wholly enticing. Everyone craves food. Not everyone craves fashion or news or sports. Entire sections of the bookstore are dedicated to it (and has grown in recent years). New publications are launching every day in praise of it. Whole TV stations are dedicated to it. And our generation is being exposed to how every aspect of cooking, feeding and growing it contribute to not only our overall health, but an enhanced way of life if we are careful with it. If we nurture it, so we become nurtured by it. Edible Selby delves into some of that and more, so enjoy!

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  1. Hey guys!

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