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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

*clears throat* ahem...

 Recipe and photo thanks to Emma over at A Beautiful Mess

Today was....long. And while it didn't all the way suck, it just seemed to drag. Therefore, as soon as I get home I intend to make the biggest batch of my comfort dessert of the moment: rice pudding. I never thought of it 'til now, but I'll pretty much eat any version of 'pudding' because it seems to be, well, the most awesome thing in life. (Ok, Jesus is clearly tops, but I know he'd be down with some rice pudding, too). You want to be my lover? You want to get with my friends? Hit me with some bread, rice, banana, or chocolate pudding and I'm putty in your hands. Put-ty.

What's your comfort food after a long day? Or maybe you prefer a good book or bottle to ease you. Do share!


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