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Friday, August 24, 2012

With the move on its way this weekend I've been thinking about each room a little bit each day, and the one I'm currently stuck on is the office space. In the new house there is a beautifully lit room that is painted baby blue. It sits just off the living room and is a great space for a mini library and for setting up a desk and photo equipment for still shoots. Unknowingly while searching for office space inspiration I found myself continuously saving pictures of blue rooms with pink and yellow accents. I LOVE the combination of a turquoise or blue green with a burnt yellow. And pink as an accent color is a nice little extra color splash that I had not considered before. So of course I've convinced myself that I have to get a pink desk now. Or at least a pink chair ;) And the retro white chair is definitely in the running.

How about you? What's your office space like?


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