The Sweet Life

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So excited to share my new business cards with you! They came in the mail yesterday and I love 'em to pieces. I had a fun time creating the design and using to publish. Moo is the best! I've used them before for my first set a few years ago, and will come back again and again. This time around I went with the Eco friendly cards, using 100% recycled paper, and they're just as sturdy and purdy :)

And speaking of things we're loving, how perfect is this newest track by Frank Ocean, "Sweet Life"? Summer is here and this track is helping me to find my groove a little more. Loving life right now and all the great blessings that have been coming forward lately. I almost forgot to share with you all that I am now a House Tour contributing photographer with Apartment Therapy!! I am so incredibly thrilled for this opportunity, and so humbled to join a community of writers and photographers who showcase the best and brightest in home decor and living. So be sure to check out my upcoming tours of D.C-area homes and apartments in the coming months :) I'll be sure to post links here as they go up as well. A huge shout out to all my friends and family helping me to reach, find, and sustain joy and celebrating with me along the way.


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  1. This song definitely has that summer evening groove to it. Frank has a good voice and range. Very versatile. Missed your blog, nice to be able to catch up with it.


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