Monday, June 11, 2012

Nerd confession: school supplies use to be kind of a big deal for me growing up. When I say kind of, I mean major. I used to love school supply shopping and packing my bag the night before the first day of class. (Although by morning I was wracked with nerves about meeting all the new kids. Army brat so we moved a lot and being the new kid on the block every two or three years was a little nerve wracking)

Elementary school it was Lisa Frank all day! High School was Five Star, and College was well...any thing I could find that was colorful and quirky enough to say "I'm an art student". Enter the pencil case. An art student's #1 partner in crime. I've switched it up to pencil cups nowadays, but still get excited when I see a really well made bag. These by TinyMeat would have definitely been in my desk and book bag (EastPak!). And hey, they're even cool enough to sit on the office desk today :)


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