Renaissance Men

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My friend John Ledbetter, a photographer, videographer, and all around creative powerhouse has just filmed and release a great video about two local D.C interior designers who have recreated a space for their client on a small budget. H. Alex Sanchez of Renaissance Design teamed up with Jimmie J. Drummond, III of D3TL design to put a room together on a budget of $1500 that reflected the style and aesthetic of their client. 

John did an incredible job of filming, composing, and editing. It's such a great look for not two but essentially three talented young men of color putting their marks on design and creativity in D.C. Another reason why the District is becoming a flourishing mecca for artistic talent. Reminds me of something a speaker said recently at a TEDX conference I attended in Anacostia: "In order to become a great creative and cultural city we must export our talent more than we import it." We're right here.


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