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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm curious: how do you stay organized? 

Not quite sure I would classify myself as a neat freak (at least not out loud...ha!) but I'm huge on organizing and having little places for everything and prioritizing. I love having little boxes and bins and folders for things. In bright colors if possible :) And of course you already know my love for journals. And planning! Parties, photo shoots, outings with friends, vacations, short weekend jaunts, you name it. I started thinking about my summer picnic with friends a la Kinfolk Magazine back in December! I have my list of recipes (still tweaking) written out in a recipe journal, and have been putting together ideas of how to lay out the decor and whether to make little invites for the guests. It should know it's just a casual party, but the thrill and joy of planning, coordinating and organizing something in a unique way just makes me happy.
And it started me thinking about some of the ways people organize and how to make the To Do lists of our days a little lot less daunting. Here are some of my daily practices.

 Make To Do Lists
I like writing my lists in colorful ink. At work I use the Uni Ball fine pen in hot pink! It helps make the list look a bit more fun and approachable. But these other pens and pencils are also some favorites.
These pens by One Fine Dae are great for planning out life's chores with a little whimsy and color
(This particular set is sold out, but another cute set is available on her Etsy store)

 I love using the Fork pen from this set called The Seven Year Pen found at See Jane Work when working at home. Something as small as the tools you use can make such a big difference in how you approach your work.

Jotting It Down
It's all about aesthetics here.  I love to use bright notebooks with cool prints. Makes me actually want to open my notebook during meetings and take notes :) These from designer Julia Kostreva would make great gifts, too.

I'm sure there are other techniques, but out of fear of sounding like a super nerd I'm going to defer to you and ask what are some of your tips for staying organized?

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  1. When i'm at my office I use notebooks. I have 2 green ones ( 1 bright green 1 dark green). Bright green to record meetings and people i come in contact with, Dark green for business meeting and work related stuff. It really helps keep thing in order.


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