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Sunday, June 3, 2012

When it comes to underground music West London has good reason to pump its chest proudly at the unprecedented energy their jazz and hip hop scene is reflecting. 

Jazz re:freshed a movement 10 years strong now has been an ongoing series at the MauMau Bar every Thursday, and hosting over hundreds of musicians. It's now grown into a full-on record label and mecca for music as well as visual artists, always representing the finest quality music by local artists and international ones as well.

Jazz re:freshed recently released an album called Jazz re:freshed Live: Prelude featuring stand-out live performances at the venue over the years. For those whose ears gravitate more so towards funk, hip hop, soul and deep grooves of jazz rather than the straight ahead standards or swing this collection is a must. And guaranteed if you didn't equate jazz with swagger before, I think your perspective will soon change. And the entire album is available for free download.

There hasn't been a record in a long while that I could go nutso over and want to share with everyone I know. But this I could play for my brother, my dad, my girlfriends--maybe even grand pops--and they all would find something to enjoy. Hopefully you will to.

Some of my favorite tracks on repeat:
Richard Spaven- Maz Live
12 Tone Brass Band
Seb Pipes Live Experience-Dice Live

*Sidenote: The DC Jazz Fest is going on now until June 10th. Be sure to check out the amazing artists who will be in town performing for your pleasure. Most of the events are free, too!


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