Photographer Spotlight: Marcus Nilsson

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 All photos by Marcus Nilsson

Choosing Marcus Nilsson is a no brainer. It's like spotlighting Ditte Isager (who among us is not obsessed with her work?? Exactly!). Like Ditte, Marcus has this incredibly distinct, non-conventional approach to food photography. His lighting and compositions are never too pretty, but just perfect. He's great at toggling between the pretty, brightly-lit food of Bon Appetit, and then serving up a more gritty, stark image for, say, New York Magazine or Details. Being able to "get" a publication's aesthetic is key to marketing yourself to a broad audience. One of my favorite images Marcus shot was of this burger and port for Bon Appetit. I drool over that cover everytime I see it. Yum!


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