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Thursday, May 17, 2012

You know about my obsession with journals and notebooks already, right? Of course you do ;) They're my little peace and joy. All strewn through my apartment, each one serving a unique purpose: sketching, keep track of recipes, ideas for future projects, ideas for my future home, photoshoots, work notes, etc. Just seeing their little colorful spines makes me happy.

Just today I came across the perfect little journals from the paper company Kate & Birdie via the super awesome paper blog Oh So Beautiful. If you love letterpress and have a soft spot for stunning stationary then this blog is theeee place for you. My heart skipped a beat a little when I visited today. 

Kate & Birdie make lovely and whimsical invites, cards, wrapping paper, the whole nine. And they are debuting their newest collection of journals at this year's National Stationary Show in New York. How great would that be attend?! Gotta get my calendar right for next year.

 Photos via Oh So Beautiful courtesy Kate & Birdie


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