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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whenever I'm back home visiting my family in Minnesota I always pack my suitcase half full just because I know I'll be visiting all the great thrift and vintage stores and Goodwills that are right down the street from my parent's home. Case in point, Unique Thrift store. This place is massive! And so nealtly laid out and organized. For a thrift store when most have a reputation for being beautifully chaotic with their organization, this place is so together. I walked through for a few minutes with no real agenda other than to look around. But I found some great little trinkets and props for my home and for upcoming food shoots that I couldn't resist.

Sweet little honey jar with honey dipper for $1.91. And if you go on Wednesday everything is half off!

  Probably my second favorite purchase next to the little honey dipper are these boat shoes by Dexter for $12. I predict these will be worn 98.3% of the time this summer :)

Had to nab these 69 cents wooden salad bowls. How pretty are they?!

Wooden box that I plan to paint or decorate for my jewelry

Loved this gravy boat


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