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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back from New Orleans, and it's taken me forever to re-acclimate and post, but here are some photos of the trip (Imagine me saying "forever" like this)! NOLA and the Jazz Fest were great. Hot, humid, and gorgeous. Louisiana in May (or anytime) is what summer should be all year. And the people....something about New Orleans and the people that live there or just visit is special. Everyone is like your friend, especially when you're gathering for a similar event. They'll just tap you on the shoulder and say you look nice or they like your shoes or your hat, or tip their hat to you (I'm not making this up, people :) Here are a few highlights:

-Evening crawfish boil at a beautiful home with live music, dancers, lights stringing across, and friends. And something called the Super Moon was out that night! Have you guys ever heard of that??
-Walking through the amazing Garden District neighborhood
- Jamming to Sarah Jarosz and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (that woman is beyond hot)
-meeting up with my friend and world wide traveler Johnica at an event hosted by Dell right on the jazz fest grounds! (Post coming soon!)
-Food, food, food. Awesome oysters, crawfish, mac n' cheese (you know I had to get some), bread pudding creme broulee, shrimp po'boys, 
-And of course, beignets in the evening at Cafe du Monde
-Being shown a great time by our good friend Joe who was in town performing in the jazz fest with Cheick Hamala.
-Rocking an incredibly versatile bag from Hand Bag Heaven that is hands down my new favorite (Post to come soon!)

Dave was my photographer for the weekend. I don't know how fashion bloggers do it because my boyfriend will indulge me in everything else, but indulging my narcissism briefly while I command my body to pose in a non-awkward manner (which is impossible, mind you) is low on the list lol. But in spite of himself he rocked it, and secretly loved doing it once he saw his shots ;)

My new favorite sandals bought from TJ Maxx! They just opened a store a few blocks from work here in Penn Quarter DC, and before the trip I hit it up and found these almost instantly. $19. Holla back. And this is the Karlie Convertible bag that I was gifted from Handbag Heaven. Love love love it. Posting about it next. Yes. This bag is worthy of it's own post :)

We found the "Orange" street, too! You know what that header coming soon!

This shot reminds me of this shot from Boston two years ago a teeny bit.

Nom nom...This mac n' cheese was ridiculous. And I suck because I can't remember the name of the restaurant...whomp.

Garden District and Sarah Jarosz. She sounds so purdy live!

There are LOTS more photos from the trip: musicians, festival goers and their hats (there was a lot of hat love down there in the heat), random happenings and such, but I need to get a new template to better showcase them. Blogger is being such a bad boyfriend lately and we may need to call it quits soon and switch platforms.

Ok, high fives and fist bumps!


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  1. Wow! You look great and now it's time to cut my hair for the summer. Thank you for the inspiration!


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