Of Monsters and Men

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Band I'm loving right now: Of Monsters and Men. The beauty of this Icelandic rock group is wrapped in their orchestral and sweet plucky guitar laden songs. "Dirty Paws" from their debut album My Head is An Animal is probably my favorite tune of theirs. In trying to really understand why I love bands that seem to sound like them (Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, Sigur Ros, Edward Sharpe, Other Lives) it has to come down to this wonderful sense of anthemic music with this joyful, atmospheric quality. Makes you want to rent a Winnebago and go riding cross country and spend long nights camping under the stars. Cheesy and idealistic? Perhaps. But there is this beautiful sense of being lulled back into this sweet cocoon of innocent, upbeat music that makes me smile and encourages me to chase my dreams a little more each time I hear it.

And the band is selling out shows left, right, and center. They were in D.C just two nights ago. Lucky ducks who were able to check them out!

So who are you all listening to lately? I'd love to know!


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