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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today, thanks to a great new blog I just came across by a fellow DC blogger (hi there!) Coulda Woulda Pica, I discovered the great campaign Link With Love. The mission is to preserve the intellectual property of artists and creators by always crediting and linking back to the original work.

In the age of tagging, pinning, sharing, tweeting, and posting on all these social platforms that we love, there also comes a catch that original art is often appreciated, but rarely given credit. As a creator and someone who's day job involves making sure talent is properly credited for their artwork, I understand the need to put a name to the originator of that thing that makes you want to share, repin, repost, copy, etc. I get excited by awesome fashion and home decor photos, too! Let's definitely share and post all the things we love (that's half the fun of the internet and building a community, right!) but let's also give a little shout out to the creators of these awesome things:)

Link With Love is on a mission to help everyone do just that. If you have a Pinterest board, comb through it and make sure your photos link back to the original source. If you're blogging or on Tumblr, make a point to include a credit link for those awesome images. Thanks for spreading the love! And if you want to grab a little button to show your support for crediting images, grab one of the pretty ones from Link With Love. I'll be sportin' one. And thanks!


  1. YES, YES AND YES!!!
    So needed and I'll sport a button and pass this info onto others.

  2. Thank you!!

    And I had a message all drawn up on your blog yesterday wishing you a happy belated birthday! For some reason I couldn't log-in to Wordpress to confirm posting, but I wanted to wish you a happy b-day and say Morroco looks amazing!! So glad you were able to have a wonderful trip. You deserve nothing less :)

  3. Thank you so much!
    Hey, can you, um, tell me how to put Link with Love on my Blog? I've tried but something is not clicking, as it were. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Morocco was otherworldly and I loved it!

  4. Hey there!

    On the site, Link with Love, along the left rail there are a bunch of different colored buttons you can grab. Copy and paste the Url of the button you want, create a new widget on your personal blog, and paste the url there. A button should appear on your blog :)

  5. oh wow i just saw this! thanks for the shout out. :) ps - your blog is so fun!


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