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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

 Photo from downtownfrombehind

Wow! That hiatus was waaay longer than I thought. But it was such a good one. Ushered in a new birthday, photo shoots, design projects, dinners, traveling, sleeping, food galore, shopping, and some very exciting developments in the way of that new project I mentioned in the previous post :) Announcement coming soon hopefully.

In the meantime, I've been knocking off lots more on the 30 Things in 2012 list. Check out the progress here! Dave and I were able to knock off three things in one long weekend in Boston. Woot! (I think I finally love beets after that great meal we had a Bistro du Midi. Highly recommend if you ever want to dress up, splurge and be pampered while you eat.)

Ok, I'm really excited to share lots of photos from the trip, new daily outfits, sweet vintage finds, and some cool DIYs and new music posts with you later tonight. Stay tuned!

And P.S...I did miss you ;)


  1. Welcome Back!
    I just got back from Morocco yesterday morning and am now just starting to reconnect with my favorite bloggers. You're at the very top of the list! I love your blog, your energy!



  2. Thank you so much, Felicia! So happy to hear from you! Morocco has been on my wish list for years! I want to hear/read all about your journey there :)

    This summer I was thinking of coming to London and stopping over in Paris for a day or so. Will double check airline fees, but if I can make it work I'd love to meet up!

    Talk soon,

  3. You know we will paint this town Chestnut Orange! I would love to see you! Keep me posted.


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