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Friday, March 16, 2012

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Hello! I wanted to pop up for a second and say I'm going to be taking a small break from blogging here on the Chestnut. The posts has been a bit sporadic lately and I'm really sorry! But lately there have been so many design and photo projects that have kept me busy at my desk and on location on the weekends. That coupled with the day job and the increasingly gorgeous weather makes it a teeny bit difficult to sit and post regularly (But I sooooo want to! Lots of great music that I want to share here.) When I come back it will be with a vengeance. Music, fashion, and design posts for you.

I won't be gone for too long. I'm in the middle of planning an incredible new venture that I cannot WAIT for the opportunity to announce here! Seriously, I've only told like two souls this little secret because I know they'll keep it safe. (It's a dream so you have to protect those fiercely). This is something I've wanted to do for the past two years, and I'm consumed with the thought that it could become a reality :) Alright, no more of this ambiguous gibberish lol. I'll see you all soon. In the meantime I'd love to still chat with you over on Twitter or Facebook!


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  1. Found your blog through See Jane Work. Love the photo above. Looking forward to reading your posts. Cheers!


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