Vintage Matchbooks

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today was such a gorgeous day in D.C weather-wise. The sun was bright and the wind so warm that at one point I had to come back home and downgrade from a coat and scarf to just a light sweater. Score!

And with the weather being as great as it was I was able to enjoy one of the most peaceful meanderings through the city's vintage and antique shops I've taken in my four years here. If you have not heard of nor been to Miss Pixie's in Logan Circle it's well worth a stop. Miss Pixie's is such a haven for one of a kind antique furniture and sundry items. I ventured out to find some antique pieces that I can incorporate into future photo shoots, and came across these amazing matchbooks! Bowls and bowls of vintage matchbooks, and at $1 each I couldn't resist sifting through all of them and picking out a few for their great design.

Photos by Nicole Crowder

Musical Musing:
 Happiness//The Foreign Exchange


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