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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Morning everyone! Hope you've been having a great weekend and are restoring your energies for the upcoming week. I had a great time hanging with Dave, catching up with a good friend, checking out a couple of art gallery opening receptions and photographing some wonderful friends (and their cute beagle, Marley!) out in Dupont Circle yesterday. Today is busy with editing those shoots, running a few errands, and something about this thing called the "Superbowl"? lol I am the last person to be clued in to football, unfortunately, but it's like the Awards season: you might not initially care about watching the ceremony, but the hype and buzz around it eventually makes you want to go out, buy all types of party food and watch the attraction at a friend's house. Just because it's fun :)

But one thing I do know and am really excited about it Bishop T.D Jakes. I love this man's preachings, and he has really empowered and encouraged me with his sermons during many occasions, good and troubling. His book Reposition Yourself: Loving Life Without Limits was one of the most critical books I've read because it came into my life at a very pivotal point when I was unemployed and struggling with the direction of my dreams. But his opening chapter--described as if he were staging an intervention-- about remembering where you left yourself and your passions stirred something inside of me and helped bring me to a wonderful realization about my life: You can always start again from wherever you stand. I just love reading and listening to his sermons, and this morning while checking out a few via his Vimeo channel, I came across an old gospel album by Kirk Whalum. This project is huge! Kirk Whalum, as some of you may recognize, is a renown saxophone player and a great follower of God. His extensive album Gospel According to Jazz features some of the most talented musicians. The 3rd chapter of this album features several of his family members and mixes some R&B seasonings from the likes of singer Laylah Hathaway.

I'd love to share a snippet of the behind the scenes recordings with you today. Hope you enjoy! Have a great week! 



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