Monday, February 27, 2012

 Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

This morning I wanted to talk about a really sincere post from Bri Emery over at one my favorite blogs, DesignLoveFest. Bri is the blogosphere's bright spot for creativity, color, and positivity. Her energy is off the charts and she is so head over heels in love with design and each project that she innovates that it pushes and inspires you to work that much harder on your own. And once you are bitten by Bri's infectious smile, you instantly want to befriend her. She's a blogger, designer, founder of BlogShop, Art Director of Rue magazine. In short, Bri is a creative powerhouse. 

And that's why I'm so grateful for her most recent post about how she literally crawled under the covers from feeling overwhelmed and stressed at seeing time spent with her boyfriend and friends being sacrificed because of the seemingly endless load of projects she is constantly juggling. It was such an honest post, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect for me to read. This blog is a place to be upbeat and offer colorful, feel-good content for my spirit and yours. But sometimes you just have a crappy day or weekend. And as Bri said, if you have a fight with your boyfriend one night you may not vent about it on your blog, but you're still dealing with it. Or sometimes you've stretched yourself so thin with exciting freelance opportunities that you forget how quickly those demands and details pile up. And maybe you hold it in because you assume no one will want to hear you complain or that no one will understand. That struggle for work/life balance, that unspoken desire to juggle it all ourselves seems to be ever-present, and it's nice to hear people who you admire say they also struggle with it. It adds a little perspective and some definite comfort.

Read Bri's post here

Do any of you feel overwhelmed sometimes with achieving balance? How do you get centered?


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