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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I adore letterpress. The complex yet pointed use of letters or characters or shapes to create a beautiful invitation, announcement or party. I've come across so many awesome designers and design partners via Etsy and various blogs who specialize in the art, and it makes me swoon every time over how rewarding it must be to produce something so tangible that will go to hundreds of friends and family, announcing a baby, an engagement, a wedding, a party, a new business--your business. It would be great to take a letter printing workshop someday to get a feel for the process and really get back to working with my hands. You forget how much you really love working with your hands after you've left the darkroom of college photo and painting courses to sit behind a desk for most of the day.

Letter press photos from Missive, Campbell Raw Press, and LetterMPress

And here's a little video introducing the LetterMPress, a friggin cool app for the iPad that allow you to use a digital letterpress. How sweet is that?! App will be available July 5th.


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