D.I.Y: Photo + Paint on Canvas

Monday, February 20, 2012

This past weekend was such a great creative charge. I got back to my art student roots and went out and bought several canvases, some acrylic paint and brushes and went to town on a few great pieces. Dave and I recently decided to move in together and found a beautiful three-story home in the city. With all the incredible space in our potential new home my mind has been on Pinterest and DIY overload, collecting and thinking up great ways to design our space with our own resources. When I moved into my current apartment a year ago next month, I was so anxious to buy new pieces of furniture and little knick knacks. But my love has shifted back to creating more personal things with my own hands.

So I'm super excited to introduce more DIY features on the Chestnut, and the first up is a cool photo/canvas project that I found via Promise Tangeman's site. The goal was to create some handmade art that we can hang in the house. The first canvas was practice, but I kind of want to keep it since I don't want to waste some cool photos :) Enjoy!

Here's what you'll need:

1. Liquitex heavy body paint; Liquitex Medium Self Leveling Clearing Gel; Acrylic brushes

2. The images I used are on the right. Find 3-4 photos that you really like and cut them into triangles. I had a 16 x20" canvas so I cut them at 11" on the longest angle. Using the leveling gel, adhere your photos to the canvas in the way you'd like.

3. Be sure to paint the gel over top of the image as well so that they fully adhere. It's okay if the paper bubbles a little. I think it helps add nice texture :)

4. After you've secured all of your images, trace additional triangles and paint them however you'd like. I initially chose teal, silver, and white.

5. Et voila! You're all done. Looking back on this one I would have liked to use a different color scheme, and laid on the paint a lot thicker. But I made a second canvas and changed up the composition and colors and love it so much better!

Hope you've enjoyed this one! Go out there and hit up your local art supply store for items. This weekend there are some great President's Day sales. And stay tuned for more DIY's!


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