D.I.Y: Gold Glitter Chevron Design

Monday, February 20, 2012

Alrighty. On the heels of the previous acrylic paint project is another. I LOVE Chevron prints. Love them. On skirts, folders, pens, pillows, and especially framed art. So using one of my favorite prints and favorite colors, I thought it would be great to add a little twist to this one by using gold glitter nail polish! Check it out

Here's what you'll need:

1. Liquitex acrylic paint; gold glitter nail polish (Urban Outfitters); scissors, painter's tape, paint brush

2. Using your painter's tape, create "V" shapes to replicate the Chevron print. Feel free to use 1" or 2", depending on how thick you want the lines to be. I drew lines withe pencil to help make sure the lines were straight

3. Go crazy coloring the canvas what ever color or color combinations you like! Even though the canvas is white, I like to paint on a layer of white paint so that once I peel the tape away, there is a faint almost gray line dividing the white and the yellow. It just helps add dimension.

4. Once the paint has had a chance to dry, peel away the tape.

5. Using the gold glitter nail polish and water, brush the polish lightly over the yellow to give it a final sparkle. Done!


  1. Thank you so much, Gourmande! That is so sweet! So glad you stopped by and hope you do again :)


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