Linen, Slate, Salt

Monday, January 9, 2012

All Photos by Ditte Isager

If there is one photographer in the world who's eye I would love to imitate right now, it's would be Ditte Isager. His work is infinitely striking and, dare I say, moody. Food and objects are magically transformed into objects with a soul and a quiet spirit. No easy feat for inanimate objects, indeed, but with his carefully lit spaces and well balanced surfaces, Ditte Isager manages to evoke charm from plentiful feasts. Rich feasts that could have been served to kings and soldiers once upon a time, and now adorn the tables of homes and artisanal shops. Feasts made of pheasant and crusted bread, and table napkins unadorned by more than simple stitching. Each object fills the space of the frame it's in, no matter how small or singular. Ditte's table settings are always slightly skewed but never messy, charming but not earnest, moody but not dark. Maybe it comes from the influence of the cold, Nordic chill of Denmark where he grew up. Whatever it is, it permeates each image and gives it a classically rustic, captivating feel.

Linen, slate, salt.


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