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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh man. I am obsessed with notebooks and journals. Next to food their probably my greatest indulgence. I have so many floating around my apartment, and each has a different voice. There's one for recipes, one for sketching designs and ideas, one for jotting down photo ideas, one just because I liked the cover, one for traveling, and one for jotting down new music. I am obsessed! You can never go wrong with keeping a little journal on you at all times. Just like a book in my purse, I always make sure one is present and justify it by saying I never know when I'm going to need to jot down a quick note, phone number, inspiring thought. Plus, it makes me look smart :) (I kid...sort of). 

So imagine my excitement of finally coming across these bits of eye candy. Keel's Simple Diary, created by author Philipp Keel. I'm a little late to the party because I believe these have been on the market long enough for a second volume to be issued and a smartphone app is on the way! What's wonderful about these books (besides their great colors) is that they're sort of "non-journals". If it's too tedious to stare at a blank sheet of paper in the face and make reveal your most private thoughts, this book does so in a way that's more inviting. Each page gives you a philosophical way to view your life and reflect on the events of your day with little prompts and multiple choice options. What a lovely sentiment to help you stay organized and put perspective over your life. 

They run about $15, and with my birthday in a couple of months I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to nab one ;)

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  1. Love, love, love! I always try to carry a journal with me wherever I go and these look perfect. Thanks for sharing.


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