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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photos from See Jane Work

I am obsessed with this site, I tell you. OBSESSED! Every since finding out about See Jane Work yesterday via a comment thread over at Design Love Fest I've been a persistent stalker/"merry shopper" of their site, clicking on every binder, folder, pencil cup, notepad, and bulletin board they have. I love it, and  have shared it with nearly everyone I've run into in the past 24 hours. And the timing could not have been better as I--though not completely OCD--have my tendencies. I've secretly been plotting ways to organize all of Dave's CDs and music books and music notebooks, while simultaneously making a mental map of how I'd like to lay out my mini office. Yep. My hope is to create a small nook in my apartment sometime soon where I can set up a little office space so I'm not always perched on my couch. A space that is more conducive to editing, research, writing, and designing would be awesome. But with so many options it's becoming near impossible to narrow them down.

And Simone over at Tiny Ass Apartment did a great post a little while ago on Home office desk and sofa combos!

How do you lovelies stay organized, and what are some of your cool tricks of the trade?


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