The Season of Giving Just Got Better

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I love love love me some Christmas, but it's the holiday shopping that always makes me wonder if I've spent any conceivable amount of time with the people I love in the past year lol.  All of sudden I'm trying to rack my brain thinking "Now what was that thing mom said she saw that she liked a couple of months ago?" or "What does Anne need that she doesn't already have? "Ohmygosh, why do I keep going back to wanting to buy dad a toolbox when he already has three sets?Think, woman!" Tell me good friends, do you ever feel that way?

This year our family decided to change things up and do a Secret Santa with a budget of $100. Love that idea since we're all older and out of the house (even married), and buying things for ourselves all year long. This year I drew my dad's name, and I've been hitting up the web hard for ideas on things on cool stuff to buy him. He's a pretty handy man with simple tastes who never asks for anything and never seems to need anything. Thus making him the hardest person in history to shop for on Christmas. So to change things up I'm going for the fun, eclectic angle rather than practical. And thanks to this awesome site called "Wantist" (seriously, when I came across it yesterday I heard bells), I can get the best of all that stuff. Behold! A simple, straightforward yet well designed application that lets you search for gifts by a type of "something" or "someone". Genius! The only trouble is that the specially curated gifts featured are feeding the gourmand in me and causing me to forget that I'm supposed to find gifts for dad...hmmm mmm.

Check out Wantist for yourself. Guaranteed you'll be on this site for hours. Just a heads up :)


  1. Between this and Pinterest, I will NEVER get off this computer! I'm reblogging this one. Nice find!

  2. Oh, and my Dad is the same way. He's been telling me he wants socks for Christmas for over 30 years now :)

  3. My Dad is also ridiculously difficult to shop for! Maybe it's a universal thing lol. Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog! It's nice to see another Minnesota girl on the blog scene! Good luck in your Christmas shopping!

  4. @cultureshock Buying for dads is so not easy! But we love 'em :)

    @Kasidy Thanks so much stopping by! I love your blog and am so glad we got to 'meet'. I haven't met any other MN bloggers so it's so great to come across yours :)


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