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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

 Photo by Whitney

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to this girl here, Whitney, of the incredible natural hair/life site Naptural85. Her beyond-beautiful hair and wonderful videos on no-frills tips to maintaining and styling natural hair have been a breath of fresh air. Not to mention a source of inspiration for staying in love with my own.

Going for the BC (Big Chop) a little while ago wasn't as scary as I thought, mostly because once I had already seen that six months of new growth, and was able to see just a peak at what my hair has been trying to show me my entire life, I knew it was already the best decision I could have made. And though after this past weekend at home for Christmas proved my family was not used to the new , shorter curls (lol...yes, fam I noticed you :) growing it out is a little labor of love that I'm so stoked to be doing. I tried this before but was shamefully unprepared to manage the hair, thus it being all kinds of brittle and...just sad lol. But living in D.C, you can reach across the aisle and ask a woman how she treats her hair, and though you'll get a myriad of responses they all end with words of encouragement for the transition.

So thank you Whitney--with the cool hair and the even cooler sense of humor--for your great videos! If you haven't yet been introduced to Whitney, please check out her videos on her YouTube page or her personal site. They really will change the way you look at your hair if you're thinking of growing it out.


  1. Continued success on your hair journey! I've been natural since 2009 and it's been filled with ups and downs, but YouTube vids have been a life saver! Though now I'm a complete product junkie ;) Cheers!

  2. Thank you so much for the words! I'm already seeing some of those ups and downs lol. But like you said, You Tube is amazing!


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