Before and After: Bedroom Makeover

Sunday, December 4, 2011

This weekend I was definitely in the home makeover mood. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'm such a goober about it, so my plan was to bring home as much garland and window clings as possible. (Aside: do you know how hard it is to find window clings in Seven Corners, Virginia? Hard.)

So what started out as a Christmas decoration excursion soon morphed into a quest for those nightstands I mentioned a few posts back. All I have to say is thank goodness for Home Goods store. Geezzz!! Who hasn't nearly fainted every time they've stepped into that store? Exactly! After roaming and aimlessly grabbing at everything I could fit in my cart, my eyes spotted the perfect pair of nightstands. Identical, beautiful oak ones that were the perfect height for my bed. And for $69 each I couldn't resist. Instantly I knew that the turquoise bedroom wall color I've been toying with in my mind would make the most awesome compliment to these if they were painted black and white. So like a woman possessed I hit up the local Ace Hardware store for paint and....voila! A little before and after for you.

I love how bright and spacious the room felt before, but it was missing a cozy inviting feel to it, and everything was pretty neutral-toned. I knew I had to inject some color to bring a little more life, I just wasn't sure where or how. Paint the dresser? A smaller wall? Go with wallpaper? I was partially inspired by a friend whose bedroom she painted a soft teal that reminds her of the island where her mother is from. I've kept that color in mind for over a year, and decided on something in the same color family, just a couple of hues darker. 

The canvas art on the all was also purchased from the Home Goods store. Love the gold and black leaf! I decided to paint just one nightstands for now, but may consider both soon. And as an aside, that blue masking tape is a godsend! Could have been a lot more, shall we say "artistic brushstrokes", on walls I didn't want painted without it.

If you're curious about the color it's Shady Lane on the A36 card at Ace Hardware.
And it's hard to see in the photo on the nightstand, but that's my momma looking fly in the 70s :)

Any rooms or pieces of furniture you're planning on redecorating soon?


  1. Girl you betta' do something pretty with that room! It's lovely! I think you have a future in interior design.

  2. Thanks Ms. Lady! This post was a definite shout out to you and your great eye for interiors :)

  3. AWWW! You're the coolest! Thank you! Going to be all up and through Maison et Objet in a couple of weeks. I have to hurry up and become uber-rich because interior design is amazing right now. You have quite the eye as well, I really love your flair for color. Everything makes sense and inspires me.


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