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Monday, November 21, 2011

I really miss sharing good books with you all (insert sad face). Especially a year and a half ago when my friend Whitney and I were heavily invested in our digital book club Uptown Literati. Lately I've really been into books by creative professionals who are offering advice to other creatives on how to generate and execute ideas. I went on this spree buying Who's Your City? by Richard Florida and The Tanning of America by Steve Stoute before finally finding Scott Belsky and Todd Henry's Making Ideas Happen and The Accidental Creatives. Scott and Todd are incredible speakers on idea generation, and both have awesome books that I've been slowly digesting for a few weeks. 

 'Ideas' and 'Accidental Creatives' give you serious mojo and create a great rush of adrenaline to produce as much stellar work as possible. But with the new perspectives they offer I'm also more aware of pacing, burn out, when to wait vs when to act, with respective to idea generation. These books are invaluable for anyone either pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, thinking about starting one, working within a corporation, assisting on a team, or performing day to day tasks.

Speaking of books I'm really curious about some of your favorite bookstores in the world, and what's on your shelf, in your Kindle or e-reader these days?

-My favorite stores in D.C are the downtown Barnes & Noble on 12th and E or Kramerbooks & Afterwords in Dupont.  But when in New York I love love love visiting Strands.


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