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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The wonderful and prolific instrumentalist Andrew Bird has delivered another stunning and whimsical body of music that conjures up mist over the ocean, quiet dawns, and endless open roads. Back in August of this year Andrew Bird announced that he would be scoring the soundtrack to the latest indie drama, "Norman" (trailer here). The film is set for release on October 21st, but thankfully the soundtrack is here for our listening pleasure already. 

I'm in awe each time I listen to how deep, yet expansive Bird manages to deliver the sounds. Violin bows reach slowly and deliberately across the body, and pointer fingers poke steadily at the piano keys. With some of the tracks you could easily envision yourself walking through a English Baroque painting ("Medicine Chest"), or traipsing through a garden in Venice ("3:36").

Other artists like The Blow with Richard Swift and Wolf Parade also feature. But have a listen to the album its in entirety here, and don't forget to purchase your copy of the Norman soundtrack via iTunes.
In other noteworthy Andrew Bird news, he's about to have a grand year by releasing an album in 2012 plus an awesome documentary called Fever Year has been made about him and has already seen it's premiere at this year's Vancouver Film Festival. He'll also be tour, so head over to his Facebook page for more info.

Other albums I've loving right now:


  1. Oh wow. It's funny how a good soundtrack can change a movie from good to amazing. Sets the mood and conveys emotion quite well.

  2. So sorry I didn't respond to this sooner, Kandirra!

    Thanks for stopping by :) I still haven't seen the film, but I keep coming back to this soundtrack. It's so haunting.

    Hope you're doing great!


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